Danube Day 2017 in Moldova

Planning is underway for Danube Day 2017. Details will be posted here in the spring. Read on for a summary of activities in 2016.

Moldova's Danube Day 2016 began in Cahul with a meeting of national and local authorities, institutions and NGOs. Vasile Bîtca, Minister for Regional Development, and EU Ambassador Pirka Tapiola announced progress on the EU Danube Strategy; water resource and infrastructure initiatives and a proposal for a three-country Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve.

The now traditional celebration of Danube folk music, dance, costume and craft took place in Djurdjulesti, enjoyed by 300 local residents. Danube solidarity also spread to young people across the country with the showcasing of the Danube Art Master contest and environmental films at summer camps throughout Moldova.

Further information

To see how all the countries celebrated last year, go to Review 2016. You can also revisit 13 years of Moldovan Danube Day celebrations via the general Review page.

For the latest news, please contact:

Dumitru Drumea at ddrumea559@gmail.com.

Danube Art Master: Elena Scobioala of the Ecological Movement of Moldova on +373 22 232 408; mem@mem.md; alecu.renita@yahoo.com.